Who are we?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global non-formal education framework which operates in more than 130 countries and territories, helping to inspire young people to dream big, celebrate their achievements and make a difference in their world.

We’re not limited by boundaries. There are 1.3 million young people currently completing their own unique programme, via hundreds of thousands of youth-focused partners and operators, including schools, youth organisations, examination boards and youth offender institutions.

We’ve got 60 years of experience and we’re just getting started. Our ambition is to make the Award accessible to every 14-24 year old around the world, regardless of ability, experience or culture.

How does the Award work?

The Award encourages young people to learn new skills, get physically active, volunteer within their communities and discover a sense of adventure outside the classroom.

It offers young people opportunities that help them unlock their potential and be ready for their world, whatever that world may be.

Using the Award framework and with the support of adult volunteers, young people develop their own bespoke programme, as they work towards achieving the internationally recognised Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

The Award framework

How is the Award delivered?

Hundreds of thousands of dedicated people help to deliver the Award around the world.

From correctional facilities, to youth centres and sports clubs, the Award’s framework can support and thrive in a multitude of different environments.

Whilst the framework of the Award does not differ from country to country, the Award is licensed to operators around the world, to ensure it is nationally and culturally relevant to each and every young person involved. In many countries the Award is delivered via licensed National Award Operators.

In addition, in countries where a National Award Operator is not present, the Award is delivered through Independent Award Centres, licensed directly by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

Boy playing ping pong

How does the Award help young people to become World Ready?

Non-formal education focuses on developing the wider ‘soft’ skills – or ‘universal’ skills, or ‘core’ skills which help young people ensure they are ready for the world.

When paired with a formal education, it provides a fantastic foundation for a young person to thrive.

Through the Award, young people can be empowered with not just the confidence but the desire to create meaningful change; to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.