What does it mean to be #WORLDREADY?

What does it mean to be #WORLDREADY? Here, the Award family tells us what it means to them…

Being ‘World Ready’ for me is having the inner strength, interpersonal skills and resilience, in an increasingly complex world, to be the best version of myself I can be – every day I want to feel World Ready!

– Stephen De-Wint, National Executive Director, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Canada

For me being ‘World Ready’ means feeling accepting of myself and knowing I’m doing my best. It wasn’t until I got into the habit of regularly volunteering, practising different interests and keeping active, that I finally felt this.

– Amy Pearce, Gold Award holder, UK

To be ‘World Ready’ means to be prepared. Not necessarily to have all the solutions to life’s challenges and problems, but rather to develop the skills required, and courage to overcome.

– Mwaba Mwila, Emerging Leader, Zambia

To me, world ready means being equipped to build your own, positive world; having the confidence to take on new challenges, being able to communicate with all sorts of people, committing to tasks and developing life-long friendships. I believe it’s important for all young people, across the globe, to have the opportunity to get ready for their worlds. Through the DofE, they’ll develop the skills and attributes for work and life that will make them world ready and help them shape a successful future.

– Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Being ready to meet each day, head on; ready to learn, ready to adapt; ready to question, ready to be questioned; ready to lead, ready to follow; ready to stand up for others and for what is right; ready to do the right thing – always; ready to work, ready to play; ready to laugh, ready to cry – Being ‘World Ready’ is about being ready for life.

– John May, Secretary General of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation

The Award provides young people with the core attributes to adapt and grow in our world’s evolving and ever challenging landscape, more than ever before. Being #WORLDREADY is the starting point for their ambition.

– Karen Ross, National Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Hillary Award, Aotearoa New Zealand

Resilient  Resourceful  and Rising Readily to global challenges these are the qualities the Award promotes. Qualities which have never been more important than at this moment when  to be world ready is above all to be job ready.This is particularly so in Africa whose youth are its greatest but all too often  under-utilised resource.

– The Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng Chairman of the International Council (DofE) and of the Nairobi based Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund.

To be ‘World Ready’ means to believe in yourself knowing that you can handle what life is going to throw at you; it’s about confidence.

– Carlleyne Alleyne, National Director, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Barbados

Learnability, adaptability, creativity and responsibility with a growth mind-set are key competencies you must have if you want to be ready the world of the future.

– Tomas Vokac, Executive Director,  The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Czech Republic

The Award prepares young people for the world of tomorrow by developing their character strengths, inner motivation, purposefulness and grit, instead of just traditional and replaceable hard skills.

– Marian Zachar, Co-founder and Executive Director, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Slovakia

Being prepared to face unexpected challenges and being ready to take on what life throws at you.

– Paedar, Emerging Leader, Ireland

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