Habeeb Alawiye is a Bronze and Silver Award holder from Oshodi area in Lagos State, Nigeria.

How has the Award made you #WORLDREADY?

Habeeb grew up living in a crowded room and was raised by his uncle alongside his cousins. Being the only child of his mother, growing up in the slums of Oshodi was hard and he had to face many challenges. His mother who is a trader sells a local brew known as “change” in order to support him.

Habeeb decided to take part in the Award while in secondary school as a student of Ikeja Senior High School in Lagos through the help of his teacher, Mr. Dada who was an Award Leader. Prior to joining the Award, he used to find himself engaged in defacing public places with graffiti.

The Award helped him develop an interest in fashion designing, an activity which he chose for his skills section of the Award. After his high school graduation, Habeeb decided to set up a shop of his own where he currently has two apprentices learning fashion design under him.

He is grateful to the Award as it has helped improve his self-confidence as well as increased his awareness of environmental issues and involvement in sustainable initiatives. In his words:

When I reflect on my Award journey, I think back to when I began and how I have improved in such a short period of time, what a wonderful experience I have acquired and tremendous people I have met along the way. The opportunity to be able to meet people from other communities and different backgrounds changed my mindset. The Award has given me a meaningful future to aim at and has also encouraged me on how to overcome any form of obstacle, and to celebrate my achievements in life and become #WORLDREADY.

Habeeb recently completed his Gold Award through the Gold challenge and is looking forward to receiving his Award soon.

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