Tomorrow’s World

Tomáš  Vokac has been the Executive Director at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Czech Republic since 2015. He studied at Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague where he earned a PhD in Art History and Theory of Art and Culture and he led several lectures and seminars. He is actively engaged in leadership, coaching and mentoring, as well as modern trends in youth and adult education.

“The Award framework develops many key life and work skills such as confidence, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, resilience and solidarity. But it develops two critical principles that can dramatically change a young person´s life. They are, a growth mindset and well-being. Both connected so closely, both so crucial for a happy and successful life. Anyone who takes part in the Award is simply forced to leave the world of “no, I cannot do it” immediately and enter into the world of “yes, I can do it” or at least “yes, I will try to do it.” You must start thinking positively, challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone.”

Learnability, adaptability, creativity and responsibility with a growth mindset are key competencies that you must have if you want to be ready the world of the future.

“Forget about all fears, prejudices, and uncertainties – which the world of children and teenagers is full of. Only a personal satisfaction of achieving something or helping someone can result in well-being which then fully opens a young person to huge potential. And when that potential is opened, then any young person across the globe is ready for the world of tomorrow.”



Girl zip-lining

Unknown futures

"The world of tomorrow will look unrecognisable from the world of today." BE #WORLDREADY.