Future Opportunities

Jiri Zrust is the Senior Managing Director at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA). Jiri, a Czech national, is the Honorary Chair of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award World Fellowship,  the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE) in the Czech Republic and a Founder and Trustee of DofE in Slovakia.

When asked “what does it mean to be ready for the world”, here’s what Jiri had to say:

“One very famous quote says that:

smart people learn from their own mistakes, those really wise learn from mistakes of the others

“I wish I understood that when I was 17. I can’t remember how many times I heard those magic words – ‘he will never learn’.

“And here I am, not sure if any wiser, but certainly standing firmly convinced about the work we do at the International Award. Firstly, I never stop being fascinated by the dedication, determination and persistence of all teachers and adult volunteers, who relentlessly and passionately guide all Award participants on their journey of self-discovery, adventure and personal development. They understand there is space for both success and failure, for tears and for joy, but there is little space for complacency and self-interest.

“Secondly, I am humbled by all stories of young people who persist on their journey through the Award experience discovering their passion, making new friends and understanding that there are no limits to their potential.

“The future that lies ahead is full of opportunities available to those who are prepared to grab them. Being #WORLDREADY is about giving it your best and try, and that is what makes the Award so unique.”


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By shaping young people, the Award puts the future in their hands, enabling them to define their destiny and that of generations.