One Gold Award holder from Malaysia talks honestly about how difficult he initially found his Award, but the strength he gained from persevering despite this. 

Participant in Malaysia

“I never found my Award easy and at one point I was almost thinking of giving up. However, when I thought about all I had gone through to get as far as I was, it seemed like a huge waste to not get to the end.

Upon receiving the approval to do my Gold Residential Project section from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I planned to carry this out during the Indian community festive season which is during the Deepavali. The residential area was on an estate in a community that is made up of three main Malaysian ethnics which is Malay, Chinese and Indian. It is clear that in Malaysia there is unity in diversity. This happens because people of many different religions, races, cultures, and traditions live together without offending one another. Learning about Indian culture and tradition was one of the privileges for me in doing my Gold Residential Project section. I gained a lot of memorable and valuable experiences as well as great exposure to the Indian community culture during their festival season. I learned how to make traditional Indian food and even had a go at trying traditional massage techniques.

Participant volunteering in Malaysia

“I really enjoyed living on the estate and being immersed in different types of Malaysian culture. Being in nature greatly improved my mood and I woke up every day feeling happy, peaceful and less stressed than I often feel living in the city. I enjoyed being outside and helping out on the estate farm but also being inside and also providing support for the elderly there. However, I found things hard at times and struggled with the lack of connectivity, isolated from mobile connection and also my friends and family.

“My Residential Project definitely helped to broaden my horizons and interact with people that I wouldn’t usually have the time to talk to or spend time with. It was nice also to be surrounded by people who are not in my age group and therefore often have different ways of looking at the world than I am used to. I would recommend doing the Award to anyone who wishes to try something new wants to gain a new outlook on life.”

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