Overcoming Local Limitations

Michal Jelinek is the Owner and Chairman of OKIN Group. He is also a World Fellow and Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Czech Republic

What does World Ready mean to you?

Getting ready for the world means that we need to be open to the world, overcome our minuscule differences and learn to respect each other and listen to each other. The current very positive development of digital tools deployed by the Award is helping the above and institutes a very good first step towards being #WORLDREADY, which also includes:

 …kindness, responsibility, taking a broad perspective and thus, becoming a good global citizen and human being.

I strongly believe that Award is not only very efficient tool for self-development, building commitment, resilience and capability to deliver on promise but also a great platform capable to help children to overcome their local limitations and show them that the world is a big place full of people with same aspirations, wishes and beliefs. That they be inspired by their peers sharing the same values, but living on the other side of the globe.


Mountain climbing

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Award holder from Saudi Arabia

Female empowerment

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Girl with cerebral palsy

Disability doesn’t define me

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