Taking on Everest

Nepalese Gold Award holder Anish Luitel first attempted to climb Mt. Everest in 2015 for the Adventurous Journey section of the Award. Having been set back by an avalanche, Anish had to reattempt the climb in 2016. In 2017 he summited the world’s highest peak for the second time, where he shouted his support for the #WORLDREADY campaign.

Developing Resilience

“When the earthquake struck I was at Camp II of the Everest region. Luckily, I survived and after two days was airlifted by a helicopter. It was difficult not to become disheartened by this experience; I thought it was the end of my dream of climbing Everest. But when I returned home to continue with my Award sections, my drive to complete the Award motivated me to give Everest another try.

Mountain climber

“I am proud to say that on 21 May 2016 at 5:27am, I made it to the summit! It was the greatest moment of my life thus far; I was very emotional and cried tears of joy. I gained a really great sense of achievement in myself and it has driven me to carry on my involvement in the Award so that I can continue to see how it impacts other young people from across the world.

I now view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than impediment.

“Although I faced a number of challenges while completing the Award, I now view challenges as an opportunity for growth rather than an impediment. I am such a proud holder of the Gold Award. It is wonderful how widespread and accessible the Award has become, and I am grateful to continually be able to contribute to its growth—initially by completing the Award myself, and now as a volunteer at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nepal.”


Award holder from Saudi Arabia

Female Empowerment

After moving to Bangladesh as a young woman. Farhana was instantly inspired by the Award there.

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